Tuesday 4 December 2012

Komondor | Cute and Funny Animal

The Komondor is a full grown and encroaching dog, effectively conspicuous for it is unexpected white rope layer. The head is huge, with lengthened triangle ears. Eyes are almond molded, medium estimated and dim tan in shade. The gag is wide and truncated, the nose is dark and the teeth meet in a scissors chomp. The neck is modestly arched and husky, the midsection is profound and the back is straight and solid. The tail keeps on from the backside line and hangs down to the hawks with a slight bend. Feet are extensive. The canine has a rather extraordinary layer made up of a delicate and woolly undercoat trapped in a coarse external cover, framing tassel-like ropes with a texture reminiscent of felt. The Komondor is constantly white.
 Komondor Funny
 Cute Baby Komondor
 Funny Black Komondor
 Baby Cute Komondor
 Cute & Funny Baby Komondors
 Komondor Couple
 Komondor Funny Pic
A Funny Komondor


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